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Lewis Mark Thomas Appiagyei was born in London on 7th November 2003, but spent his early years in Hong Kong where his family lived at the time. Aged 3 he returned to London by which time he had already developed a keen interest in all things cars and racing. In January 2011 Lewis started the Buckmore Park Bambino kart school and participated in their club meetings. By July 2011 he had made it to the podium, finishing second. From then on there was no stopping him and he made podium at  almost every Bambino Club meeting often being the winner. That September he won the double at Brands Hatch and set a new Bambino circuit record time (1.59,498),  In November 2011 Lewis turned 8 and moved up to the Cadet class. He took part in both Rookie and Junior Club meetings at Buckmore Park every month and rapidly became  a very successful driver in this class and amassed 14 trophies to his name. Despite being a Rookie he went on to set the fastest lap record ( 33,595 ) there in the Cadets. He ended his Rookie season on top of the class and was then invited to the exclusive star pupil event where he won the title Rookie of the Year 2012.” In his first outing as a full Cadet Lewis proved that he was worthy of the title. He stunned everyone by winning the opening Cadet race of the 2013 season. This had never been done before in the clubs history.